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All You Need to Know About Umbrella Furniture Set.

You can buy outdoor furniture any time of the year! But, in UAE, winters are the seasonal month to spend time outside with friends and family, maybe grill and enjoy. So having the patio umbrella furniture gives you infinite possibilities with much-needed space for relaxation.  

At Swin Furniture in Dragon Mart, we have an outdoor umbrella collection with exceptional quality at an affordable price. We have the perfect outdoor furniture solution to meet your needs.  


So, in this blog, let us go through the basics of Outdoor Umbrella Furniture to help you shop the right one for your outdoors.  




The size of your patio or the outdoor area where you will place it determines the size of your umbrella furniture. 

Outdoor umbrellas range from 6 to 13 feet. 

Don’t buy an umbrella that is too small as it will not give you the necessary shade.  


To note, 

The shape of the umbrella is purely your choice, be it hexagonal or square.  


– Few Tips to select the proper size: 

5 To 6-Foot   Pair with 30-inch table or less 

Accommodates 2-4 chairs 

7.5 To 8.5-Foot   Pair with 36-inch to 40-inch table 

Accommodates 4-6 chairs 

9 To 10-Foot    Pair with 40-inch to 48-inch table 

Accommodates 8 chairs 

11 To 13-Foot    Pair with 48-inch or more 

Accommodates up to 10 chairs 


To note, 

The shape of the umbrella is purely your choice, be it hexagonal or square.  


Types of Patio Umbrella Furniture 


There are mainly two types of umbrella furniture: Cantilevered v/s Market or offset.Within these categories, umbrellas are valances, beach umbrellas, etc.  


Cantilever Umbrellashave a sturdy, solid base, a slightly curved pole, and an offset canopy from the base. These umbrellas allow shading furniture without the obstruction of a pole in the center. Cantilevers are generally larger and flexible to use.  


Market/offset Umbrellaswon’t have a base in the center and are standalone shade. Their standard shape is straight and upright. The Market umbrellas add a stylish look to your patio with broad coverage.  

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Materials of Patio Umbrella Furniture 


Patio Umbrella furniture adds significant aesthetic flair to your outdoor patio. There are various materials used especially to combat the weather conditions of UAE, with unique designs to complement your location.  


The Frame: Common umbrella frames include wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. Wood frames might be teak or other treated hardwoods. They offer a natural and classic outlook and are not durable and not as strong as aluminum. 

Aluminum frames are lightweight, low-maintenance, highly durable. These frames are resistant to extreme weather conditions and long-lasting. Fiberglass is up to 30% lighter and more durable than other umbrella models and is more expensive.  


The Canopy: Most of the canopies are fabric or cloth materials. Recently canopies are available in moisture-resistant and durable materials with a wide range of designs.  


Sunbrella– fade-resistant, durable and flexible. 

Polyester– dries faster, strong, durable, and resistant. 

Acrylic– lightweight, soft, but sensitive to high temperature. 


Patio umbrellas are an investment and should be well-cared and maintained to retain quality and appearance.  


Additional Tip: Store your umbrella closed and covered in a dry, dark place whenever not in use. 

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