outdoor furniture in dubaiThe balcony is always an extra exterior relaxing spot for many. It’s a high demanded priority for most house owners when they search for a new home.


Who would not like to enjoy a cup of coffee on their balcony?


Regardless of size, you can use the space in the right way to make it your cosy oasis. The balcony allows a movement of air inside your apartment. But remember, choose the right furniture and accessories that do not take up too much space.


Let’s discuss interesting DIY ideas to transform your balcony with suitable furniture.


Over the years, balcony decor evolved from a basic two chairs and one table set to something more aesthetic and stylish. Balcony furniture turned out to be more customized with your lifestyle.

At Swin Furniture, we have inspiring furniture to decorate your balcony.


Perfect your Balcony with Planting & Portable Garden


Planting is always the best thing to bring in life to the balcony. You can consider portable garden options that can give you some natural rejuvenation.


You can use hanging plant boxes or a small pot of plants on the table that can make your balcony looks stylish!


Just Swing it!

Rattan Hanging Patio Swing allows you to sink in comfortably. Pair it up with a coffee table to fit perfectly within your space.

This egg-shaped chair takes up only the perfect amount of space!

What about getting 3 Seater Swings for your balconies with shade? Lean on the high back, support yourself fully and share your comfortable space with your family or friends!



Simple & Elegant Rattan Sofa

Rattan Furniture set can offer your graceful outdoor setting, and a cushioned sofa is best to relax on the balcony!

Our flexible Outdoor rattan modular sofa is maintenance-free with resistant cushions to make your balcony time more calming!



Add cushions


Cushions add up a sense of comfort. If you’re ready to add cushions to your outdoor furniture, your condo balcony will become a perfect spot for your relaxation time.


Always choose cushioned patio furniture for your balcony!

Dine Outside!


If you have a spacious balcony, it’s soothing to turn your balcony into an outdoor dine-in area with a dining table set that can withstand extreme weather conditions!


Enjoy your dinners or early morning coffee with a view from your balcony.


It would be a great practical addition to your modern balcony space.


Why not an Umbrella & a Chair!?


Get a tiny table and chair if you want that small balcony space to fill up.

Also, an Outdoor Garden Patio Umbrella offers the perfect amount of shade to you to enjoy the view of the city.


Now you know how to use your balcony?


Enjoy your outer space with appropriate Outdoor Furniture from Swin!

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