Outdoor Winter Furniture

Tips To Maintain Outdoor Aluminum Furniture in Winter

How do you make Aluminum furniture last outside?

Here are the tips to maintain outdoor aluminum furniture in UAE. For people in UAE, after scorching summer heat winter season is all about going out and enjoying the outdoors.

It’s the time to fire up the grill, hang out with your friends and family for an evening or night, probably with a barbeque.

If you maintain your outdoor furniture, it will last for a long time in good condition. Proper upkeep will prolong the life of your furniture, so you can keep it for much longer than if you never gave it a second thought.

In this blog, we try to help you get your outdoor furniture ready for the season. We put on a list of techniques to maintain that furniture perfectly.

maintain outdoor aluminum furniture

Cleaning Techniques to maintain outdoor Aluminum furniture

  1. Regular Washing

Clean at least once a month using soap by hand and then carry out pressure washing depending on the furniture material. Clean mold or mildew using a glove and wet rag. Let it dry completely in the sun after every cleaning.

  1. Fix cracks 

You must always try to fix any cracks in the furniture even if it’s a minor one. Remove any rust on the outdoor furniture before being exposed to the weather.

  1. Furniture Covers  

Use high-quality outdoor furniture winter covers for extra protection. Cover your furniture when not in use to preserve the look and color and protect it from snow, wind, and rain.

  1. Choose durable materials 

Choose materials that can endure the weather condition. Aluminum and steel are the most common outdoor furniture materials that are lightweight and will not deteriorate over time. Check our Swin Outdoor Aluminum-based Furniture! We specialize in providing quality furniture in Dubai at a low cost.

  1. Proper Storage 

Store your furniture in a temperature-controlled storage space that is free of moisture and rodents. You can take off any removable components like a cushion or umbrella before storing them.

Note: Keep an eye on your furniture during the winter. Check on it once a month to make sure nothing is wet, moldy, and damaged.

If you still worry about how to maintain your outdoor furniture, Give us a call!



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